Saying Sorry.

James stayed where he was, he looked daydreaming, at the ground, biting his lip. Then he looked at the pond. It was a birhgt pink. Clearly pink, no mistakes. He wondered, was Faith his true love. Or was it just a coincidence. He took the two petals out of the pond. The Water returned to its normal transparent colour. He got a new lily and her picked two petals from it. He placed them both in the pond. Nothing happened this time. He sat down. He waited. Nothing.
'So im not a true love to myself then.' James softly spoke to himself. He stood up and walked off home. As he got into the street he saw his friends coming up to knock on him. He walked into his house and returned outside to where the waiting crowd of friends were. He looked up at Faiths window. The curtians where shut.
'i'll tell you what guys, knock on me in an hours time.' He said to his mates still looking at The window above.
Some of his friends also looked up.
'whats so intresting about that window?' a friend asked.
'oh nothing, see you later.' James said and walked into his own house.
'He went to his bedroom and picked up his phone. He looked at his big notice board, on the board was all of his friends numbers, randomly written about. He looked about for Faiths. He eventually found it written unnoticed at the very bottom corner of the board. He looked at the faded writing. He rang Faith and went to his bedroom.
Faith Answered the phone.
'Hey, Its James.' James mumbled.
'Oh what do you want?' Faith asked.
'Listen, im sorry, i only did it for a laugh.' James said.
'i know, but now everythings arwkard and embarrassing.' Faith replied.
'I do feel really guilty, i think you deserve better than me, as a best friend aswell.' James said.
He hung up and sat on the end of his bed, his best friend felt now arkward around him and it was all his fault.

The End

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