Pink Water.

The end of school came and Faith stood at the reception like usual waiting for James. James came along on his own for a change.
'Come on then.' James smiled, linking arms with Faith. They walked along to the Field and finally reached the Caravan. James picked a Yellow Lilly. He took a Petal and handed the flower to Faith. Faith timidly Picked a petal from the dying flower. James looked at Faith. Faith looked at the ground.
'Ready?' James asked.
'Okay.' Faith said now looking at James. James dropped the Petal into the pond.
'Right.' Faith said, taking a deep breathe she dropped the petal into the pond. The Water bubbled and the Petals swirled around. but it didn't change colour.
Faith sighed with a bit of relief.
'Happy?' James said. ' we are either not true loves or it doesn't work.'
'Yes, can we go now?' Faith replied. Just then the water started bubbling once more and the water turned a red and then cleared to a deep pink colour. Faith stood there gobsmaked. James looked a little shocked aswell. He wasn't expecting it to work.
'Okay, now thats not transparent water!' Faith said. 'What colour is that James?!'
'Pink.' James mumbled.
James looked and Faith. And Faith looked at the ground once more.
'okay so,' James said.
'this is all your fault.' Faith raised her voice.
'okay calm down.' James said taking her arm. 'it was only for a laugh, we can forget it happened?'
'okay, you Try and forget that. Im going now, bye.' Faith mumbled without looking at james, she stumbled off into the grass along the field all the way home.

The End

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