Getting the Wrong idea.

Lunch time came soon and Faith and Star sat on a bench eating thier food. James ran over to them. 'So what do you think? should we try it?' James asked. 'Try What?' Star asked confused and shocked in what she thinks they are talking about. 'No, it said 'you and your loved one.' We are only best friends.' Faith answered. 'huh?' Star asked. 'Yeah, but theres no harm in trying.' James said. 'it will be funny to see' 'what?' Star asked getting the wrong idea to the convasation shes hearing. 'why are you so intrested in doing it?' Faith asked. 'cause it will be funny.' James answered. 'To see if it really does work.' 'okay, now i dont think your talking about what i think your talking about.' Star said. 'Well if you really want to try then fine. stop bugging me.' Faith said. 'Your going to do it!?' Star said. 'what?' Faith and James choroused turning to Star. 'Your going to do it.. you know.. do it.' Star said getting slightly shy. 'Star!' Faith replied. 'hahaha! dont be silly. we were meaning something else. with a pond and a lilly. Dont be silly Star.' James laughed. 'oh oops. Just listening to all that it did sound like it.' Star laughed. 'Well its not.' Faith replied.

The End

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