The Myth.

The next day, Faith knocked on James and they went to the Field. They approuched the Caravan.
'Its said, if you pick a lilly and throw it in the little pond. if it turns pink it means you've found your true love.' James laughed.
'Where did you find this out?' Faith asked confused.
'There.' James answered, pointing at a slightly rusty sign post digged into the ground a few feet away from the pond. Faith picked up the Sign. She read it outloud.
'Naiya Field,
Legend has it, If you and your loved one throw a petal each of a single lilly, into the pond below, and it turns pink then you have found your true love. a myth also says if the wind blows south then your going to get married. Not all myths are true.'

'Told you.' James said.
'Come on we are going to be late for school.' Faith said holding out her hand. James takes her hand and they walk through the tall grass once more.
'should we do that? for a laugh.' James asked.
'And what if that myth is true? and it goes pink.' Faith answered.
'Well, then the myths true. and ive found my true love. you never know until you try it.' James said.
Faith didn't reply. They walked into school and went there separate ways.

The End

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