knowing alot of people.

They both walked out of the school building. On the way home James was aprouched by a good ten people. This annoyed Faith but she did not say anything. They both got home and James walked Faith to her door. He kissed her on the cheek and then hugged her. 'Bye, see you tomorrow.' James grinned. Faith smiled and Waved timidly back. She got into the house to find her annoying little brother peeking through the eye hole. 'Faiths got a boyfriend, faiths got a boyfriend.' Terry danced around the room. 'Mum!' Faith yelled. 'Terry, James is her friend. Not her boyfriend. Now dont you have homework to do?' Faiths mother called from the kitchen. Faith stuck her tounge out at her little brother and went up to her bedroom. Time passed by and as she looked out her bedroom she saw James come out his house. Outside his house was huge crowd of his Friends. More than Ten people. Faith watched and tutted to herself. James said hi to everyone and He looked up to Faiths window. Faith smiled. James waved and Everyone looked up. Faith felt herself going red in the face. she walked away from her window and when she went back the street was empty.
The End

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