different in school.

They finally aprouched school and They were greeted by a group of people. Well James was. Faith lowered her head and unlinked arms with James as she was gradually moved away by the crowd that came towards him. Faith was greeted by a smiley face. It was Star Bridges. A long distant friend who had come to the school last year. This was Faiths only friend other than James. At breaktime Faith and Star sat on an outside bench and Faith constantly looked around to see if she could see James. She spotted him With a huge crowd of people. He smiled and Faith smiled back. They barely spoke at lunch either and they went there separate ways. Faith had forgotten how she was even friends with one of the most popular boys in school. How could she be a geek and have the hottest boy in school as her Best mate. She wondered if She was his best mate too. or just a friend. Faiths question got her nervous and worried and she avoided James all day. Hometime finally came and Faith waited around the school reception for James. There came a huge crowd of people not looking were they were going. Too busy in their own little world, chatting and arguing about silly tings like music and gossip. In the middle of the crowd was James. No suprise. As the crowd got closer to were Faith stood They eventually budged passed her making her fall to the ground. James noticed and Made his way through the crowd. He picked her up. He turned to the boys at the front of the crowd who had knocked into her. 'Look were you are going Tommy.' James said sternly. 'Woah sorry Dude, didn't see her.' Tommy said confused. Tommy and James other friends never really 'saw' or noticed Faith at school. 'Byye James see you tomorrow.' his friends spoke. Seeing that he was not continuing his journy with them. James waved back and turned to Faith. 'Are you alright?' James asked worried. 'Im fine, they wern't looking were they were going.' Faith mumbled. They linked arms and Walked down to the main reception. They passed the head of year Mr sweeny. He thinks hes so hilarious and always cracks up jokes. 'James! i heard you got A for your last science test very well done, Faith? didn't know you knew James here.' Mr sweeny aprouched them looking at their linked arms. 'Oh err...' Faith mumbled. 'Yeah, shes my best mate, known her for ages.' James smiled looking at faith. 'Never knew that. Hey you learn a new thing everyday Ha!' Mr sweeny laughed. Faith and James played along and laughed too.

The End

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