The Gypseys Caravan.

They got to the middle of the field were there lay an Old abandoned Gypsey Home. It was infact an gypsey caravan. Painted a rich red and blue with patterns and flower patterens and purple and green jewels. It had been deserted for many years and James and Faith loved to walk this way on the way to school. They made up storys and laughed and joked. They made up little scary stories to wind up the little kids who gazed over the large fence in wonder what was in the long grass that was so intresting to the bigger kids. Faith was dared once to go inside and inside everything was perfectly neat. Dusty and old but everything seemed to be in the same place as if someone fled from the scene. There on the table was a empty piece of paper and a brown pen. An old cup of tea was also on the table. it was slightly mouldy. As Faith and James walked pasted the creepy home the wind picked up and The two ran the rest of the way.

The End

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