Made for each other.

Two friends are brought closer together by a myth to find they are actually made for each other. Faith and James.

Faith sat up in bed and smiled. Nothing had gone wrong this year. So far. She felt so much more confident and Happy. She didn't take advantage of modern technology anymore and respected the world. She had grew up alot over the year and her best friend James Sainsbed had noticed also. She had known James since she could remember. He was such a load boy. He was friends with everyone at school and was well known. People trusted and reliyed on him. Faith was just known as the best friend. She got dressed for school and left the house. She crossed the road and knocked on the door. Her home was opposite James. James answered the door. His eyes lit up when he saw her. He smiled and left the house. He greeted her with a hug and they walked arm in arm down the road. As they walked down the middle of the road between the Tall trees with the Autuam Leaves falling down to the ground, James and Faith had thier usual discusion about School subjects. James loved Maths and Science and Faith loved English and art.
'Well i like science too.' Faith laughed.
'Yes well only because your a swot.' James laughed.
'Well, your really good at english, Shakespeare!' Faith grinned. 'Oh Dearest Jameson You'th are an Swotty Boy.' She spoke in a Old english Voice.
They walked down the street and around the corner to the field. The field was huge with Long grass and Weeds. There was also lots of Daisys and lillys. They both climbed over the fence and waded through the tall grass.

The End

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