The familiar musical introduction resonated through the backstage area of the club. The noise of the crowd dulled to a low roar as the staccato piano notes added the sultry flare to the score. Maracas pulsed on the downbeat, and an the synth from the accordion set the mood.

The young woman was beautiful, there was no denying it. Her slight frame was decorated with an exquisite costume, covered in sparkles with a feathery skirt falling to her mid thigh. Her legs adorned knee length velvety boots and gave her overall look a desirable edge as she strutted down the back hall of the theater. Her face in and of itself was the artist's’ object of lust, with envious fair skin, piercing green eyes decorated with a black mask and a mane of wild brunette curls she put the idols of Rome and Greece to shame.

She tilted the top-hat she wore to contain her curls down at a provocative angle, displaying only half of her face in the lights as she entered the wing of the stage area. She paused, taking a deep breath as the score began to build, peaking the interest of the men in the audience. She tugged the silky black gloves on her hands up to her elbows, and felt a smooth arm wrap around her waist. She tensed momentarily, and turned to the side, recognizing the grasp.

“It’s about time, my love.” The man’s voice whispered delicately.

She inhaled shakily, trying to control her nerves. It wasn’t so much her pending performance that made her uneasy, but rather the man himself. His hand slid down her waist as the music slowed, pausing to linger for a brief moment on her behind. “Are you ready?” He whispered.

She swallowed, turning her focus to the dimly lit stage. She inhaled once more, making sure her breasts looked full and her tiny waist hindered by the corset looked desirable. She marched onto the stage, exuding confidence she didn’t have and struck her signature pose. Her heart was racing as she tilted her head down, her fingers gripping the brim of the hat. Her other hand gently rested on her hip and she began to count down.…

The music resumed its flirty, mysterious sound and much like the sudden illumination of the spotlight above her, she was on.


The End

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