Madame Fortune

Around the corner, there was always a spooky store. Inside is a lady that can see the future and tell your fortune. What is this mysterious lady and how does her magic work?

Rumors state that if you went into the store in the corner of Retro Street and Yonder Avenue, you will not come out with a sane mind. But in truth, no one ever went into the store. The mood that the store displayed chased away all its available customers. What is the name of that store? Fortunes for the Unfortunate.

I happen to run that store, and I don't see exactly what is wrong with it. Just a bit of spider webs and skeletons... Death gods or two... Did I go overboard?

The store was opened for quite a few generations. My grandparents passed it down to me when I was a little kid and I'm sure their grandparents did the same.

My job was a fortune teller. I can see people's past, present, and future without using all of those cards and crystal balls, or all the other miscellaneous objects other fortune tellers use. In other words... I use magic.

The End

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