A dragon is standing in the middle of the hall.

"What is that doing in here?" Lauren screamed clutching at Ailsa's arm

"Who cares, i need breakfast." Ailsa grumbled

"Trust you to think of eating in a situation like this." Lauren whispered under her breathe

"I think the teachers would know what it is doing in here."

"Well. What is it doing here?" she asked again

"Morning girls." Miss Manchee said smiling

Miss Manchee was one of the younger teachers. She had long brown hair covering the scar on the side of her face. where she had got it from, many romours had circulated yet no one knew the truth.

"This is your test." she said pointing at the dragon

"What? i thought it was a theroy test." lauren yelled accusingly

"So what do we do?" Ailsa asked

"You have to put the dragon to sleep and than you get breakfast." MIss Manchee said matter-of-factly

"Lets go than." Ailsa said as her stomach grumbled

"Great." Natalie said high fiving Ailsa as they walked foward to bet the dragon. 

The End

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