Mad Lib

SWBAT place correct punctuation where needed.

I saw a hopping red truck and hid under the rabbit 
'Ross  get out from under there ' my mom would hop for hours  but now I got used to it  Though one day  it got a bit different  This time I saw 22 lights flashing above me in a circle  I entered a closet and hidden beneath a pile of junk was a beautiful bed  Knowing I would never be able to use it  I put it back 
The next day I looked in the same basement again  but couldn't find it  I laughed to myself  It had all been a hellucination  Ha ha  I turned around and there it stood  I picked it up through jumping nose and it moved out of my foot  by itself  I tried to calm myself  but it was too late  I was not even close to being under control  I ran down the stairs as fast as I could  and managed to get down just in time to see my brother eat  He did it  I thought  but the next day  it wasn't there

The End

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