Was it perfect timing or just fate? The biggest Halloween party on the block, where everyone knew half the people attending, was blasting down through the dark leaf coated streets. Why not attend? Dressed as a freak every day, why not go and not be judged for once? A floppy top hat, tilting on the right side of my head, a black vest over a white and black striped long-sleeved shirt, black pants with loose attachable chains and black boots. Don’t assume I’m a homosexual.

(Notice, I do not use gay, faggot, or queer, I use the real meaning of the word. Gay means happy, faggot is a pile of sticks, fag is a cig, and queer is strange. Which this subject will contain all words I feel is necessary to use, just remember what they mean, and not what fucking society uses them as.)

I do wear makeup…only to hide the deformity I am cursed with. Coated my eyes with shadowing black. Approaching the large park with the rest area to receive refreshments, I had glanced across a young girl. She surprisingly, unlike other whores who were present, she had no makeup. And by GOD, she was perfect. Her cute cheeks, her pink lips, clear skin, and she was dressed as Red Riding Hood.

I quickly turned my head away. Although, it wasn’t going to simmer down any soon insanity.

For once, I honestly never wanted to be somewhere for the next entertainment. I never wanted to hold back, for anybody before. Leaning against the wooden pole supporting the roof of the rest area, lights flashed across my pale face, and people looked stammering because of the strobe. I crossed my arms, sneaking a brief sneak at my watch, nine sixteen. My head shook as if it had a spasm attack from the glance of my watch. Letting it shiver down my body I attempted to relax as best as I could.

Two fingers tapped my shoulder from behind. Turning to see how guts to contact me, I was taken back.

“Hey!” she waved with a bright toothy smile worn on her face. “My friend dared me to come and talk with you. Do you mind?” she asked over the blasting stereo.

Fuck! I thought, she shouldn’t have come over. I tensed but I couldn’t deny the lady.

“Sure, so which one is your friend?” I agreed. She pointed to a girl dressed as a corpse. She only had heavy eye makeup but her dress was short, torn, ripped, and looked rotten. She was pretty as well, but I was drawn only to her.

Noah was is her name. Her hair, underneath the black lights, glowed purple and green splatter, she seemed so cute.


I wouldn’t like to fully tell all what went down at the party, I would just go on rambling on about how amazing she was at the time. But I will say that during, she was the best mover, and my first real kiss. Thought we obviously didn’t know each other at the time, her sweet apple-tasting lips were sugar coated. Afterwards however…I am full of nothing but self-hatred and disappointed in no one but myself. Of course someone would say “He could control his impulse”, but obviously you have never met me. I won’t reveal how I managed to arrive the girls, Noah and Whitney to the residence I am writing this, and where, if you’re reading this now, you’re standing, the residence where it all went horrifying.

The End

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