Mad as a Hatter: Part TwoMature

After the madness set in-




Unlike my parents and most of my family members, the Hatter Madness gave me a new clarity. I could see farther and clearer, my hearing was ten times better than that of the sharpest dog. My madness gave me heightened senses and a new intelligence. Soon, I outpaced even my teachers at my elementary school. The gifts my madness gave me set me apart from other students. I was shunned and teased, but it only took one glare from gold-green eyes and my tormenters would run away in terror. My cold indifference to every punishment at school resulted in my teachers in fearing me, and rightly so, for one wrong step, and it would be their last. I was soon expelled upon the excuse I was a distraction to the other students. Outraged and determined to disprove their claims, my parents said they would home school me. They soon realized, however, that no matter how much they spent on a tutor, they would never last more than five minutes before they ran from the room in terror, and no amount of money would bring them back into my newly constructed schoolroom. After we had gone through every tutor around, my mother took over my schooling. By the time I was twelve, my mother's madness had set in and left her an invalid. Unable to care for her and continue my unnecessary education, my father sent her to an asylum. As her only daughter, it was my duty to visit her every day. And soon after these visits became mandatory, she died. The doctors said it was death by natural causes, and I was content to let them think so. But the empty bottle of hydrochloric acid hidden very well in my school room knew along with me the real reason for her death.

Her funeral was arranged shortly after, and I played the part of a mourning daughter well, but secretly I rejoiced in the thrill killing her had given me.

The End

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