Macy Mcdonavan: her life story

come on a journey thru the life story of Macy Mcdonavan
thru her rise in the British police force to becoming the head of the CIA in putting bad guys behind bars and one case that will go down in history as untold and never finished: The Anna Case. so are you ready? you sure? cause once i talk about my life in the first chapter you sure not going to stop reading it.

My life story

It all started when I was born, I was raised by my mother and father and they played with me like any other baby. Then my father who was a detective, put his hat on me and said: "your going to be the greatest detective the world has ever seen". So that stuck with me as I was growing up and boy was I the one sucked into mystery and suspense, It had a direct hold on me and it refuses to let go of me.

I was 3 yrs old when I watched Sherlock Holmes and I was fascinated by his wits and knowing who behind the whole crime (mastermind may i add) that I decided to study cases with my father. My father looked at my mum and said "why isn't this lovely my daughter studying crime cases with me". he chuckled "see I told you it would draw intrest in her". And surely enough it did, I remember when I went on my very first stakeout with my dad and he was showing me the ropes on how to catch a bad guy, he showed action behind it as i watched him from behind the dashboard as his slam the bad guy on the hood of the car. He handcuffed him and put him behind the car, I was totaly fastenated by my dad passion for putting bad guys away.

The End

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