Mabels 5th year

Mabel isn't the tiny little baby she was when we were first introduced to her! She is now at the age of five and has many friends.

"Happy Birthday, Mabel."Smiled her father, Albert. He was in a good mood today, Mabel didn't like it when Daddy was in a bad mood. He hit her and Mummy.

Jennifer was now weaker than ever, she had just given birth to her new son; Albert. Mr Salson insited upon giving his only son his name, in hope the name will be passed down the generations of boys in the Salson family.

Mabel opened her only present, a skipping rope, she smiled and said she loved it, but what she really wanted was a ball, but Daddy said that little girls don't play with ball's.

"Go on, use it! Go play!"Albert ordered, Mabel scurried outside obidiently, shaking, because she knew, if she disobeyed Daddy, he would be very angry! Mabel wasn't very good at skipping, she was better at playing with a ball at school, she would take her skipping rope to school and be careful not to loose it, to please her father. Little Albert was very good at crying, thought Mabel, he cries alot when Daddy holds him.

Mabel looked around sadly, why do all the other little girls in London get to use ball's?

To that, Mabel didn't have an answer. She stayed out for exactly ten minutes, teaching herself how to skip.

She slowly walked back inside, Little Albert was in his crib and mother was being hit my Albert. Mabel ignored it, it was what she usually did, apart from this time.

"Mabel Salson, get here RIGHT now!"Albert shouted, Little Maber, so tiny and so frail, walked over and was slapped hard around the face by her father.

"I'm sorry."She said, even though she didn't know what she was sorry for.

"You should be! You are a ungreatful little girl, Mabel! You lied to me about wanting that skipping rope!"Yelled Mr Salson, with a look of pure loathing upon his angry face. Mabel's lower lip wobbled and she burst into tears, clutching her reddening cheek.

"Oh, Baby!"Cried her mother, rushing over to hug her weeping child. Mr Salson looked madder than ever.

"Jennifer! Mabel is not a baby anymore! You have a decent child to care for over there! Go to your room, you worthless little girl!"He raged, Jennifer, who had just been comforting her little girl let go sadly and patted Mabels dirty blond angel-curles.

Mabel scurried upstairs, tears still leaking out of her big blue eyes.

She sat down on the bed and calmed herself down, she blinked rapidly and swallowed hard. She walked down the stairs silently and stepped in front of her seething father.

"I am sorry, Daddy. I do love the skipping rope, I really do! And I will practice with it every weekend!"She squeaked, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Okay, Mabel, in future, tell me what you truely wish for as a present."He nodded, Mabel was to scared to point out that she had already asked him  for a ball.

And so, the whole Salson family, sat in front of the roaring fire, chatting happily all was well for that day.....

The End

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