Mabel Salson.

Mabel is a yound girl from victorian britain and living with a terrified mother and a cruel father, she thought her life couldn't get any worse......

It's 1841 and a young child called Mabel has just been born in a tiny house in London.

Miss Salson moaned as she got up, she held her new born child in her short arms awkwardly, she knew having a child at the young and tender age of 19 would be a risk, but her parent-chosen husband Albert Salson,who was a great deal older than her at 31 , had urged her to have one. She was unwilling, but did it, because she knew that Albert would abuse her if she didn't do as he wished. She, although very bruised, was pretty and was often told by her friends; Elizibeth and Mary to run away with the child, to which she refused.

"Look at her!"Smiled Albert, Jennifer--Miss Salson-- knew that smile all to well, she knew it could weaken any women at the knee's but it was the most evil smile Jennifer knew, only because she had grown to know it's true meaning; pain and beating. 

He used the same smile on her the first day they met, it was the one thing that made her agree to the man's marrage proposal.

The small, pink baby squealed loudly as Albert tried to hold her. Jennifer protested, but he gave Jennifer a look of utter loathing.

"Don't, or I will beat you to the floor, you stupid women!"He snarled.

"No, d-d-d-darling, I was just going to suggest a n-n-n-name for my-- I mean, our child. We did agree that if it was a girl, I would name it, and if it was a boy, you would name it. And, Albert, it appears to be a girl as far as I can tell."Panted Jennifer.

"Oh, my love, but I would like to decide together now that the child has finnally arrived!"He protested. He smiled his crude smile and put a comforting hand on her short arm.

So comforting, I can feel his nails digging in! thought Jennifer.

"No, please, Albert, you can name the next child to be born!"Pleaded Jennifer. Mr Salson's face darkened, then his handsom face broke into a radiant smile.

"Were going to have another child?" He cried.

"O-f-f course my love, anything you want, I'll give you it!"She smiled wairily, "now, I know you want to hold our child, but she needs feeding."

"Oh, of course!"He grinned, handing the baby girl to her. The child quietened in her mothers hold, she was confused and scared.

"Here you are Mabel."Whispered Jennifer as she fed her child.

"What's that?"Asked Albert.

"Oh, I... Could we name her Mabel, if t-t-that's okay with you?"Stammered Jennifer.

"Oh Mabel! What a wonderful name!"Beamed Albert. Jennifer sighed in relief, the last thing she wanted was for Albert to beat her on the day she gave birth!

Albert stroked Jennifers cheek lovingly, then moved down to her shoulder, then lower, and lower, she snatched up his hand, without realising what she had done.

"Why did you do that?"Murmured Albert with rage bubbling underneath his even voice.

"I.... Um, Mabel has to have my body for a while, she NEEDS it! After that, my body and soul are your's."She squeaked, he seemed content with that. He said down next to her and draped his arm over her shoulder, he had raised hairs where he had touched her.

Why do I belong to him, Little Mabel? I am my own person! But if I do not stay here with him, I have no where else to go! Why does he beat me My Child? Why couldn't I have married a nice man? She thought towards Mabel. And she was posotive little Mabel had heared her because she patted her mothers face comfortingly.

"Go to sleep my li---ttle one, then sun has gone down, go--odbye-- for one, the stars a--nd moo---n sine one your face, I hope you fine peace in. Your. Dreams----."Sang Jennifer, and little Mabel, so tiny, fragile and helpless, fell asleep and was sent off into the world of dreams.

The End

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