Edith shrugs; "Or, we could..."

"....smack them out and take all their stuff." as she pulls out a scaled down version of a fifteenth century swedish longsword (Type 'Sword' into wikipedia and observe image on right) her late husband had inherited from his grandfather. It was well crafted and beautifully polished. Edith never left home without it.
   'Splendid' says Mabel, and grabs the nearest Sailor by the bollocks. 'Right sonny boy, I was leathering nancy boys before you were a glint in yer grandpap's eye. What's it gonna be, all yer cash, or an extremely bloody answer to the problems surrounding your commitment issues?'
    The sailor was stunned. At the age of 24, he really had little experience of trying to have it off with old ladies, and was now having his eyes opened to just what it took for a lady to reach the tender age of 88.

It took balls.

Sometimes, it took other people's balls.

The End

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