Edith beams at Mabel; the girls go wild in Hawaii.

HAWAII was the darkest and most dangerous club in the town; when Edith heard Mabel agree she almost wet herself in excitement.

 'Oh, let's visit the Powder Room before we go,' she said, 'We'll need to tart ourselves up a bit. Did you remember the panstick Mabel?'

 'No dear, we'll have to make do with the Pale Candlelight powder puff. Do you think I've got time to whiten my teeth? There's a little plastic tub here with everything you need for a Holywood smile.'

   The mirror above the sinks pulled the two of them so close that their noses almost touched the glass.

 'Is that you Edith? Oh, I got such a fright. I don't think it's a good idea to go too near the mirror. Now, I just want to say one thing - there's to be no hanky panky. Are we clear on that?'

 'Hanky Panky! I'm sure I don't know what you mean Mabel Richie. Are you calling me a name?'

 'Nothing of the kind, just keep a calm head is all I'm saying; we don't want a repeat of the last time, do we? I mean, I was completely mortified and I'm sure Next Door witnessed it; they've never been the same since.'

   Edith hrumphed, and jostled herself out of the door, back into the belly of the bar, back into the waving arms of her sailor. She didn't even glance back at Mabel as they moved towards the exit.

   Mabel speared Edith with her just-you-wait look and stroked the flashy  navy uniform wrapping itself around her.  She allowed her hips to sway as she slowed down her walking - getting in the mood, or as they call it nowadays, in the zone.

The bouncers kept peering at them; Mabel turned and produced her look and that seemed to satisfy something. Edith began to bounce; her sailor pulled a camera out of his pocket and started taking photos of her from mad angles. She knew that Mabel was watching and waiting but it was cool, and HAWAII rocked.

   Drinks were pretty but the men dancing had a breath-taking quality, so much that Edith had a choking fit when one of them smiled at her.

 ‘I told you to calm down,’ Mabel said. ‘You’ll get us evicted from the premises. Just keep your eyes on the man you’ve got, don’t be greedy.’

 ‘I’m alright. Well I will be in a minute. I just couldn’t get my breath. Did you see that guy with the gun? I thought it was James Bond…you know, Pearce Whatsit. When does all the dangerous stuff start?’

 ‘You’re dangerous!’

  Edith grabbed Mabel’s arm. ‘Don’t look now, but there’s a vampire watching us.’


The End

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