They meet two dashing sailors who offer to whisk them off to Hawaii for a fortnight of moderate debauchery

"Er, Mabel?"

"Yes, Edith?"

"Did you remember to pack the denture cream?"

"The denture cream? Oh, let me have a look."

Mabel and Edith had made it about half a block in the twenty minutes that had passed since they'd left their warm little cottage.  It was slow going due to Mabel's hip replacement last year. 

She now stood on the sidewalk, poking through her large flowery handbag to see about that denture cream as Edith looked on in fascination.

"Here it is!  I've remembered it afterall."  Mabel beamed at Edith; it was the first time she'd remembered something of significance in...oh, she couldn't remember how long. 

Edith pulled at the lace around her collar in a rather stressed manner. "Oh good.  I was worried."

They continued along the sidewalk with a certain air of...ancestry.

Before they knew it, there were two figures approaching from the opposite direction.  On closer inspection they were, in fact, two delightfully hansome (or so our lovely ladies thought; their eyesight was beginning to fail them) sailors, out in search of a good club to meet some women. 

They stopped the sailors and asked them all about their plans for the rest of the evening.  Mabel and Edith giggled coquettishly as the sailor's made relatively inappropriate remarks, considering the ladies' ripened stage in life.

The sailors were taken in, dazzled by Mabel and Edith's charm and wit.  They all went to a nearby club and began having quite the lovely time.

Before long, the sailors were pleading desperately for Mabel and Edith to let them whisk the ladies away to Hawaii for some 'real fun', as they called it.

Mabel turned on her barstool towards Edith.  "What do you think, dear?"

The End

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