Dinner DateMature

“Wanna come over?” The text from Mason read. No hi, no hey, just a request like always.

But Lyra felt like changing it up so she texted back, “Wanna go out to eat first?”

“Sure. Meet me by the elevator.”

Lyra smiled, feeling like she had finally won something with him. She quickly changed into a cute white lacy dress and flip-flops, yelled goodbye to Caroline and took the elevator up. Mason beat her though and was standing outside his door when she emerged from the sliding doors.

“Hey,” he said happily, looking at her up and down. “You look … amazing. I like that.” He pointed to the dress while she laughed. Mason brought her into his arms for a hug and then released her. “Sure you don’t wanna just come in now?”

“I’m sure. I’m so hungry,” she gasped and he laughed, nodding okay.

His hand moved to feel the braid over her shoulder, rubbing it softly between his fingers. “I like this too. Caroline did it?” She nodded, but he hadn’t released it yet. Instead he tugged tightly on it, pulling her closer to him. Her hands were on his chest and she was biting hard on her lip, fighting her frustration. “Oh yeah, I really like this.”

“Let me go. We’re in the hallway.” She pushed at him lightly, her cheeks turning red.

“You’re gonna have to do your hair like that more often.” He said while finally letting her go.

“Whatever, let’s just go eat.” She hit him again before leading the way to the elevator. His hand caught her wrist and moved down to hold her hand and despite everything, she couldn’t quite hide her smile.


They ended up walking two blocks to Chipotle, a Mexican grill restaurant. After getting tacos, they chose a table outside on the patio in the back corner. Mason even pulled the chair out for her before scooting his own chair right next to her instead of across the table. They ate in silence for a few minutes and the whole time Mason was watching her closely.

After raising her eyebrows at him a few times, she finally put down her food and stared back. “What is your problem?” she snapped and Mason laughed.

“Oh, I don’t have a problem. Do you have a problem?” He leaned into her; his face was inches away.

“No, but you seem to. Quit staring at me.” She didn’t move her face away, instead moved closer. Slowly, he inched once more, pressing his lips softly against hers. He kissed her once, twice, three times before moving away but she gripped his chin and kissed him again.

“Can we go yet?” Mason moaned in a low voice. “This is torturous, kissing you and not being able to do anything else.”

“Oh. Well in that case let’s stay. Ha-ha, I’m not done eating yet.”

“Oh you’re evil. You’re not playing fair.” His eyes closed for a moment as he steadied his breath.

“You never play fair,” she countered back and he shrugged his shoulders, he couldn’t argue with that.

“Well just hurry up and finish eating.”

Lyra’s eyebrows rose yet again. “Did you just tell me to hurry up? You better be nice to me. Or you’ll continue to get nothing but kisses. I’m actually curious if we can go a whole day on just kisses.”

“Well you might be able to … but I surely can’t.” He admitted.

“Well too bad. I think we can go now.”

Now it was Mason’s turn for his eyebrows to rise. “You’re planning something. I see it in your eyes.”

But Lyra just shrugged, “Come on, let’s go. It’s getting darker.” She checked her phone for the time, 9:45 p.m. and wondered how many of Caroline’s friends were in their room.

The End

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