“It’s Wednesday, so yes.” Lyra replied with a chuckle. 

Mason’s hands had already disappeared into her hair like usual, running smoothly through the strands. “Well what do you wanna do?” He asked with raised eyebrows and a smirk. 

“Not what you’re thinking, ha-ha can’t we just lay here?” 

“Only for a while, you know I can’t handle all this mushy gushy sh*t.” 

She slapped his shoulder playfully and he pushed back at hers. “You are such an a*shole,” Lyra snapped, but she was laughing as Mason smirked. 

“It’s a good thing too. Nice guys are boring and you know it. Bad boys are where it’s at.” 

She raised her eyebrows at him, questioning every word he’s ever said. “Oh so now you’re a bad boy?” 

“Always have been, always will be.” 

“Mhmm, and how’s that working out for you?” 

“It’s working just fine. I’ve got you, don’t I?” he smiled widely but it quickly dimmed at her response. 

“That’s questionable.” 

“Oh ouch. Well I’ll put it this way. I’ve got you … in my bed.” 

“Now that’s just low.” She pushed harder at him but he pushed back again, making her fall to the floor with a thump. 

Lyra rolled onto her back and growled playfully up at him as he peeked over the edge of the bed before jumping on top of her. “My bad,” Mason whispered in her hair, his lips searching for her ear, moving onto her neck and finally her lips. 

He cupped her face, pierced her with his hazel eyes and kissed her passionately. And just as she thought that she’d be perfectly fine forever like this, Mason pressed on. His hands trailed gently down her sides but she took them, bringing them back to her face and holding them there. 

But Mason pulled away, his breath already raspy from the kissing. “Oh come on.” Lyra didn’t answer though and so he leaned back in, moving his head back and forth with hers, pressing his body harder into hers. His hands slipped away yet again and this time she let them. They trailed over her shoulders, pulling off her sweater as she kicked off her shoes. Then he pulled away again, a smile on his lips and a laugh threatening to escape. 

“Here comes the hard part,” Lyra laughed first and he nodded in agreement. He easily pulled off her leotard but the tights were going to be the real challenge. 

“Stockings are surely sexy,” he chuckled, getting off of her body to pull at the fabric toward her feet. “But they sure as hell aren’t when it’s time to take them off.” 

“Don’t rip them,” was all Lyra replied with a shrug, secretly enjoying watching him struggle. At one point he was clawing at her knee and she couldn’t help but crack up. Mason ignored her, a glare clear on his face until he finally succeeded.

And when he did, he smirked. “Now that you’ve watched me struggle looks like it’s your turn.” 

“Is that so?” she answered calmly, moving onto her knees. 

He moved as well until they were directly in front of each other. A different glint was in his eyes, one she recognized but would never admit that she disliked. “That is so. Get ready for this wrestle match ‘cause I’m coming on hard.” 

“And when exactly don’t you?” She raised her eyebrows along with her witty response, pretending to ignore his look but being completely aware of it. Mason just laughed, counting to three before starting one of their usual playful wrestling fights. But of course they never stayed sprightly, instead quickly morphing into sexual. 


3:30 p.m. 

Like any other Wednesday afternoon, Lyra awoke next to Mason in a tangled mess of his sheets. He snored softly in her ear and she smiled, laughing quietly. Turning to face him, she ran her fingers through his short brown hair and drunk in his sweet yet smoky smell. Moving slowly so she wouldn’t wake him, Lyra turned away to get out of bed, but his hand caught her wrist and she jumped. 

“Sneaking away, are we?” His voice was sexy and sleepy, but threatening. 

Lyra laughed uneasily and nodded. “I have to go back to practice.” 

“Ugh, already?” Mason moaned, “Don’t leave yet.” 

“I have to,” she pulled away, kissing his hand until he let her go. 

“Fine, fine,” he pouted and she laughed at his voice while bending down to gather her clothes. “Hmm, that’s a nice view.” She got up quickly, her cheeks turning bright red. 

“Close your eyes so I can get dressed,” she ordered, but he sat up in the bed, putting his hands comfortably behind his head. 

“Why? There’s nothing I haven’t seen before. Plus, you’re leaving me, so I need a treat.” 

Her cheeks blushed even more, the red creeping down her neck as she held her hands over her body. “Mason,” she whispered, looking down at her feet, “Just … just close your eyes real quick.” 

But he laughed instead. “You’re turning red. Lyra, calm down.” She picked up her shoe and threw it at him but he caught it easily, laughing even harder. “You’re wasting time now. Seems like you really don’t have to go, considering you just gave me your shoe.” 

Lyra simply ignored Mason and turned her back on him to grab her bag from by the door. She pulled sweatpants and a t-shirt out of her bag and put them on quickly instead of giving him the satisfaction of watching her put dance clothes back on.

Sure enough, he growled playfully. “No treat? You’ll pay for that later.” 

“Yeah sure,” she answered confidently, “We’ll see.” 

“Oh we will.” He tossed her shoe back to her and she caught it, staring curiously at him. “I said you’ll pay for that later. Taking your shoe isn’t punishment enough.” 

Lyra laughed, her stomach secretly twisting into knots. “You talk a big game, bad boy, but it’s only talk.” She smiled once more and then left without another word.

The End

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