What went Down

     I admit I was going to the extreme. Being fired because I wouldn't take a silly locket off. But there is always more to the story than the simple plot line. It all started ten years ago.

     I was five. My mom recently died so all I had left was my dad. Of course he didn't care for me. He was forever lost in his own world. He felt he wasn't ready for the responsibility of a child. So he simply left me in a house all alone.

     A day later, my grandmother came to check on my dad, see how he was holding up. That's when she found me all alone and abandoned. She took me in. If it weren't for here, I would have died from starvation, since I didn't know what too do when I was five. 

     She took care of me for the next ten years of my life. Those were the greatest years ever. We got along really well, and lived in harmony. I would always come home every friday balling my eyes out. She would tell me to get in the car, and she would take me to a secret location. I never knew where. Sometimes it was to a ice cream parlor, or a amusement park. After a while, it became a routine and tradition. 

     That when I came home one Thursday. I walked in her old rickity, charming home. I screamed when I saw a random police man in her home. I was scared, wondering what he did with my granny. He simply took me to the hospital.

      The hospital was cold and scary. It was very creepy like a dungeon. Everything seemed clean and cold. Not the place I wanted to be. I walked down the hallway to room 76. I ran in. 

"Grandma! Are you okay?"

She didn't respond. She looked at me with her green eyes. I saw they were in pain. I saw they were stressful. I saw that this was the end. 

     I hugged her. She stared at me with her beautiful eyes. She reached over and grabbed an little gold locket. She handed it too me, and I held it in my hand. This was becoming painful. I gently put my hand over her head and closed her eyes. 

     I never went anywhere on Fridays anymore. And wherever  i happened to be. I wore the golden locket.

The End

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