Lynn Surge is going through tough times after the death of her grandmother. In the final seconds of her life, her grandma gave her a shiny gold locket. Lynn kept it closed, until one day she opened it, to find that the very locket could be the special thing the world needed most.

     Lynn knew she had already ruined her favorite shoes. They were white once upon a time, but they now looked like a disaster. The heels were ripped so you could see the mismatched socks she wore. Mismatched was definately her style.

     Lynn was a quiet girl with black and red hair. Today she wore her hair in a sloppy ponytail and a red shirt with a black skirt. She is only 15, but lives alone. She knew someday the cops would eventually find out, but for know she was the only one who knew. 

     She was currently running through the streets of Savannah, Georgia. She looked like a mad women, hurrying through the peacful streets of the town square. As usually, she ran from her school to her job at a fancy resturaunt. 

      The resturaunt was called Melodys, and was fancy and sophisticated. She had no idea how anyone hired her. At least it payed well, as Lynn was saving for a car.

       Lynn ran through the front door, causing a bigger comotion than wanted. SHe got strange looks from cutsomers, but she could care less. Thats when she looked ahead to see Mr. Cannel walking toward her. She felt butterflys flutter in her stoumach. 

"Lynn Surge, in the kitchen now!" 

       She followed him into the kitchen. He then turned around and started to open his mouth.

    "How dare you show up to work like this! Put on the uniform now!"

     She put the black sweater vest on. It had melodys written on the side in big white embroidered letters. She then started to walk away when she felt him pull her back.

     "What is this!" He exclamied pointing to the golden locket she always wore."

      " A locket."

      "Well, take it off, it does not go well with the uniform."

       " I can't. It has sentimental meaning."

       "I don't care about how you feel about this stupid locket. Take it off or your fired."

       " I guess i'm fired." Lynn said as she headed straight for the door, not allowing him to say another word.





The End

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