Kaitlyn had stormed out of the place, and I knew that she was furious.

But I also knew that I was right. I had to be. I was completely and utterly correct, and it was undeniable. But I still didn't know who my mother was. Even though I had just figured out that I was a demigod-- the son of a god and a mortal-- I wasn't scared. I couldn't bring myself to be. I had always known deep down that there was something weird about me. Something unnatural that wasn't shown in anyone else.

The idea was no longer inconceivable. It explained why things would sometimes explode when I walked by them, why fire flickered and pointed at me when I candles were lit around me, and even why sometimes the air became filled with static, like an inside storm when I was angry.

But still, I had no idea who my "godly parent" was. I knew that it had to be a goddess, but even after I'd typed in Greek goddesses in my search bar, I couldn't seem to locate anything that felt familiar. I couldn't find anything that made sense. The Greek words on my neck were nearly impossible to translate. I just couldn't find out who my godly parent was, no matter how hard I tried to find out. She was unidentifyable.

As I scoured the Internet pages that flickered across my laptop screen, I realized that it was useless. I closed my laptop and threw it onto my bed in frustration. I slapped my hand angrily against a piece of paper that I'd been writing on, and I felt friction. Cobalt flames exploded through my fingertips, engulfing the paper in fire. I shook it, waving my hands over it. Suddenly, a powerful gale blew out of nowhere, causing the fire to spark and flicker.

I looked for water, seeing a glass of water on my desk. I scrambled for it, and it fell, the water spilling onto the carpet. I dabbed at the floor with my hands, and the water that was in the carpet welled up to the top. It sifted through my fingers, lifting off the carpet and floating over to the fire. I stared in awe as it fell onto the page, dousing the holocaust.

I stared, awestruck at the strange feat that had just occured. I'd touched the paper which had spontaneously combusted, then I'd caused a powerful gale to make the fire sputter, and I'd controlled the flow of spilled water to put out the magical blue flames. I shook my head in shock, running my fingers over the Greek symbols etche in gold onto my neck. I knew the symbols off by heart.

And I had a strange feeling that I knew who the goddess was that had given birth to me. I flipped open my laptop and went into the search bar. I typed in Greek goddesses, and I scrolled through the search pages that had come up. This time, I knew exactly what I was looking for.

I looked under 'H', and I found what I was trying to find.


Under the Greek word was the name of the Greek goddess that was my mother. One that held domain over strange things, that I never would have been able to guess at. Everything became clear when I saw that my mother was...

The End

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