Don't Make Me Laugh

So that's when I discovered the truth about myself. Apollo, Ancient Greek god of the sun; grandfather of Medea, a sorceress, who helped Jason to win the Golden Fleece; seducer of Cassandra who prophesied the fall of Troy and was killed by Clytemnestra, the evil wife of Agamemnon; son of Leto, a Titan's daughter, and Zeus, king of the gods; and also my father.

I'd love to say that I immediately believed everything Sky and I had discovered, and that we started to make delighted plans about going to Omega. Knowing what I know now, that's definitely what I should have done.

But I didn't. I point blank didn't believe anything Sky said. In fact, I was absolutely certain that he was a raving lunatic and I shouldn't have come into his house in the first place.

'Demigods? Don't make me laugh! I'm no more a demigod than you're a penguin,' I scoffed. 'And if you don't mind, then I'd like to go home now.'

And so I did.

But much as I would have liked to forget all about my escapade with Sky, much as I wanted just to go back to everything being normal again, I knew things had changed. Between me and my mother, if nothing else.

'Manda...' I began to say as I sat on the kitchen table, swinging my legs beneath it and watching Manda cook lasagne.

'Yes? Oh, be a dear and pass me a bowl for the cheese, would you?'

This I did, while pondering how best to ask my question.

'I was just wondering... Could I ask you... About Dad... ?'

There was a pause. I peeked up at Manda to see that she'd put down her wooden spoon and had turned to face me.

'I know you don't like talking about him all that much, and that's fine and I understand, because I don't want you to get upset, but-' I began to say, but she cut me off.

'No, Kait, I should've realised you're old enough now. Your dad got killed in service ten years ago. He was a very, very brave man and he loved you lots and lots - both of us, and-'

I shook my head. 'Mum, I've heard that story before. But I was just wondering... There was nothing... special about my dad, was there?'

'Of course there was, honey! Cory was a really wonderful man. Corythus Thermius Marshall. Wonderful name! Wonderful man.'

'Those names are... Greek, aren't they, Manda?'

'Yes. That was one of the fashions in those days. Like calling boys Felix or Alex - they're Greek and Roman names. But I must admit, I never heard of a Corythus before I met Cory...'


I remember thinking it was strange, back then when everything was normal. But my dad, Cory, had died in the army. He wasn't Apollo. I wasn't a demigod.

I felt both relieved and disappointed. For a moment, there had been a tiny possibility that I was some amazing thing that shouldn't ever exist - but now I was just boring old Kait again, the geek, the loner.

How wrong I was. If only I'd known that Corythus and Thermius are two of Apollo's many nicknames...

But my indecision didn't last for long. Because, before very much longer, something happened to change my mind completely and utterly. Without a doubt, I was a demigod.

The End

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