Discovering the Truth


She was looking around frantically, as if she was shocked at the sight of my room. It wasn't really a sight to behold, nothing miraculous. It was large and spacious, and the room was circular. There were long drapes that hung over the long rectangular windows. Golden slabs of light fell through the glass that blocked the outside room from the inside. There was a mural painted onto one of the walls.

The mural was of violet-blue torches that lined a long cavernous hallways, like a cave. In the tunnel was a sleeping dragon, curled around a rock. Standing over the dragon was me, with a long sword in its side. My face in the mural was one of triumph, and I was sure that Kaitlyn was impressed. My father had gotten someone to do it for me.

He said that it gave him reminders of Mom... I didn't understand how me stabbing a sleepy fire-breathing dragon could remind him of my mother! But I was starting to have some ideas about it...

"Wow!" she said.

"What?" I asked.

"Your room is... amazing!"

"Ehh," I muttered. "Not bad. So... Greek stuff. Let me grab my laptop, and we can start up the search."

I grabbed my laptop, and I pulled up a search page. Then, I took out my phone and scanned the stuff that was on it. I found the Greek writing that was on Kaitlyn's neck, and I did a search on Ancient Greek writing.

The Greeks worshipped certain gods in their Ancient times, when their empire was intact. They believed in Zeus and Poseidon and many other deities that ruled over certain domains, such as the earth, the sea, the heavens and so on. They wrote about these gods, each one having a name written in Greek.

In alphabetical order:

Aphrodite: Aφροδίτη
Apollo: Aπόλλων

That was when it hit me.

It was all about the gods! It had to be! I looked down at the photo, comparing Apollo's Greek name to what was written on Kait's neck. It was an exact match. But what did it mean? "Uh... Kait?" I asked.

"Yeah?" she replied, her voice shaky.

"Your neck... it says Apollo in Greek on it.

"Who?" she demanded. "What's an Apollo?"

I clicked on the link, and a picture of a naked stone statue materialized. It was chiseled into a man with curly hair clutching a large snake in his muscular hand. Under the picture it said: Apollo slaying the Great Python of Delphi. I read something at the side, and it talked about what represented Apollo.

Apollo was the god of light and the sun; truth and prophecy; medicine, healing, and plague; music, poetry, and the arts; and more. The son of Zeus and Leto, Apollo was the twin of Artemis.

I looked it over several times, running it over in my mind. "We just figured out!" I exclaimed. "But what does it have anything to do with you?"

"I... I don't know," replied Kaitlyn. "But look, it says here that he was the opposite of his sister. While she vowed never to have children and stay a maiden goddess, he did not, allowing him the freedom to have kids... I... don't understand."

"I don't see what's on my neck there. It only lists what says Major Gods. Maybe what is written on my neck isn't about a god... I'm so confused!"

"What if..." she began. "No. It couldn't be."

"What?" I asked, leaning forward. "What is it?"

"Okay, well sometimes gods came down from Olympus and they..." she trailed off.

"And they what?"

"They had children with mortals!" she spat. "It sounds so... stupid, though!"

"But... it's... possible," I said.

"What?" she demanded. "Are you implying that we are the offspring of a god and a mortal? Gods don't even exist!"

"Okay, just hear me out for a sec," I said. "You've never met your father. Your mother doesn't talk about him. You have no pictures, and no memory of him. All of a sudden, you're invited into the Greek-centered school thing, and you get writing on your neck that points in the direction of a Greek god who even looks like you. How can you be so sure that none of this exists?"

"I--" she stopped. I knew she resented the idea, but she knew there was a possibility that I was right. "They were called demigods."

"Okay, let's search what the pamphlet says in Greek."

Four minutes later, we were staring at the translated words that shimmered on the laptop screen.

The school for demigods.

The End

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