Looking back, I'm not sure what possessed me just to say 'yeah, I'll come to your house' to a complete and total stranger. Usually, I'm pretty, well, y'know, safety conscious. And obviously just going into a random person's house is very safety conscious. Obviously.

From the outside, his house looked like a normal house in a row of normal houses on a normal street. In fact, everything about his house was pretty normal. Until you got to his bedroom, that is.

I'm not sure how I thought that going into a stranger's bedroom, a male stranger's bedroom was OK (my mum's given me that lecture enough times for me to not want to be within half a mile of a male's bedroom) - but hey, this male had strange eyes and something tattooed in Greek on his neck. So somehow that made it OK.

No one was in when we arrived, so Sky opened the front door with his key. I'd hate to get back before my mum. It'd make me feel... I dunno... Strange.

'What do your parents do?' I could've kicked myself. What a boring question! But Sky didn't seem to mind all that much. It was pretty awkward between us to begin with, to be honest. Nothing like it is now.

'Oh, my dad does this and that. My mum - well, she left us a while back now. Or she died. I don't really remember all that well. Dad usually doesn't talk...' he paused, and looked straight at me. I blinked - his eyes were a different colour again! It would take me a while to get used to this!

'I don't know why I'm telling you...' he trailed off. There followed an awkward silence that I felt duty-bound to break by saying:

'My dad disappeared ages ago. I don't really remember him either. I used to think he got a divorce, but I don't think so - Mum gets too sad when I ask her. He was in the army. I think he might've died... I dunno. Mum's an artist. She teaches art in the local college. Sometimes I think she's pretty good...' Why was I saying any of this? This was completely useless! And not at all what Sky wanted to hear right now. But it seemed to have done the trick - he led me up the stairs and into his bedroom.

I couldn't help but gasp. It was the most strange and fantastic place I'd ever been in my life, and although I've been in a great many wonderful places since then, I still remember how amazing that room was, and how it took my breath completely away.

'It's not much,' Sky mumbled, embarrased, kicking a dirty sock under the bed. But I didn't see any of that.

'I think it's amazing,' I whispered.

And he looked at me, full in the face. 'You think so?'

And we laughed.

The End

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