The school's last bell finally rang, and I walked out of my classroom, my head swimming with questions. What's Omega? Who's this Mr A? Why is it me who's been invited? I walked, staring blankly ahead until I snapped out of my dream. As I walked, I thought some more. The buildings had been amazing... breathtaking, even. They were quite well done.

There was even a building that had looked exactly like the Parthenon, another like a giant, closed temples, and many other smaller temples. Each building had had some supportive Greek column with small statues crawling along it. Ionic, Doric, or Corinthian columns had shot up from the marble temple floors and upheld the triangular prisms that were the roofs of the beautifully created temple-like structures. I smiled at the thought.

Though I was slightly querulous that there was someone else other than me going to this amazing, dream-like wonder land, it made me slightly more comfortable knowing that I would not be going into this unfamiliar, enigmatic mystery that seemed to hint oddly at many Greek myths and construction plans.

I didn't realize that I was at my locker until I almost walked straight into it. I unlocked it with my code and pulled what I needed into my bad, shut it and put back the lock, then I headed down the hall again. After a while I realized that Dylan Cooper and his buddies were calling out to me. I looked over at them, and listened. "Yeah, Raveus, I'm talking to you! How was detention? Did you cry?"

"I didn't cry, Cooper. Sorry, bud. I know when I would cry, but only because of something funny that would apply to you!" I started, warming myself up for what came next.

"Huh?" asked Dylan. "What're you talking about Raveus? You makin' some lame joke again?"

"You're like a Slinkie, Cooper," I said. "Not really good for anything, but no one can help but laugh when you tumble down the school stairs."

I heard a loud roar of laughter from the crowd that was gathering around us, and I smiled. I was glad at what I'd said. "Oh yeah? Well--"

"Cooper, a slander is like a hornet; if you can't kill it dead the first time, it's better if you didn't strike at it in the first place. Now, I'd rather you didn't hurt yourself while trying to come up with a comeback, so let me just walk away and leave you alone to your empty mind. You can have some peace and quiet there." I walked off, and the crowd 'ooed' and then laughed at the hilarious diss.

I laughed as I got onto the bus.

Dylan had tried to run after me, but he'd fallen down, and the door had shut behind me, locking him between the door and its frame. I looked over at him with a mocking smile, winked and waved by wiggling my fingers. After the bus started to move, my laughter stopped. I started thinking about Omega again.

It seemed cool enough, only what was with the Greek architecture? Was this Mr. A guy stuck in the past or something? Too wierd.

The bus rumbled as it moved, and I looked at the seat in front of me. Omega was everywhere in my head, popping up like it was meant to be there. Out of nowhere, a kid popped up from the seat in front of me. He must of been the same age as me. "Hey!" he exclaimed loudly. "You're the kid who beat up Dylan Cooper!"

"I didn't beat him up, I--"

"That was sick!" he said loudly again.

"Can you please be quiet?" I asked.

"But that was--"

I stared at him angrily, and I felt my eyes changing again. They were probably green right now, because I was feeling pretty stormy. I clenched my fists, and the boy looked outside, scared of me suddenly. Clouds gathered in the clear sky, and thunder roared through the atmosphere. Electricity split the air, but not lightning-- more like static before lightning. "Quiet."

"Sorry!" he said, turning quickly. When he turned, I calmed down. I stared outside at the dark clouds that rolled in. They were gone.

Am I going insane? I thought questionningly. Brushing it off, I leaned my head against the window, chuckling at the boy's reaction to my eyes changing.  That's when it hit me.

There was something wierd Omega, something quite wierd. The first letter of Omega--Ω-- was the Greek omega, their letter 'O'. The designs were all Greek as well, and the pamphlet had something written on it in Greek:




I didn't understand it, but I hoped I could find out what it meant soon, otherwise it would drive me insane!



The End

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