'I'm going where?'

Normally, I wouldn't have spoken to the principal like this - I'm generally a rule-following, polite little thing - but this was getting really serious.

'It's a special school called Omega,' she explained calmly. 'And you won't be on your own. Sky Raveus is going as well.'

'Where is it? Do my parents know? How long it is for? Who's this Raveus?'

The principal held up her hands and I trailed off, embarrassed.

'Your parents have been told, yes, Kaitlyn. They're very pleased for you.'


'Because Omega is a selective school where you get an exceptionally good education without having to pay privately for it. It's one of the leading schools in this area.'

'So it's around here?'

'Not exactly. You remember that man who came to see our school last semester?'

I paused. Did I? There was a strange guy in beach clothes, I remember that - I thought it was very odd at the time, with us being nowhere near the coast and all. He'd worn a loose blue patterned shirt and sandals. Strange.

'That was Mr A's representative, Kaitlyn. He payed special attention to the students here to see if any were suitable for Omega. He only found two - you and Sky. You should be honoured.'


The principal let me out of her office after too much longer, and I went on with my lessons, but something didn't quite fit. Because the day that the beach-guy had come, I'd been really off-colour. Sometimes I get really bad dyslexic days, and that had been one of them. I'd been barely able to walk around straight without knocking something, as well. That's been one of my really bad days, one of the ones I generally erased from my memory (or tried to).

So why had this guy been impressed with me?

The End

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