The Truth

Blue was eating some cookies that Lyle found in the pantry. "So, where do Catkit come from?"  Lyle asked. "Well,"  Blue said with his mouth full. " I have no idea. I don't remember much, but I think we're from a planet called Niaria."  "Niaria, eh? I think I've heard that name before. Follow me." Lyle went to his room and found his bookcase. (There's these things called books, by the way, they're great) Lyle took out a huge book. "I found this in the house." Lyle said. "It had a great story, and it was unfinished. I wanted to continue, so I've been writing in it ever since." "Let me see here. Niaria...Niaria...Oh! Niaria!". " 'A faraway planet called Niaria is home to an assortment of creatures, especially a round, feline species.' ". "Yeah! That sounds like home!" said Blue. "It seems like there's a lot in here about all sorts of mythical worlds." said Lyle."And I thought it was all in my imagination!" "Dad, come here!" Lyle called to his father.  Larry Hartman came into the room. "What is it?" "Dad, this is Blue. He's from a faraway planet called Niaria. He's a Catkit." "Woah, Niaria? That place that you write about in your book?" "Yup, it's all real, Dad. "  The three were all thinking the same thing. They should read more.

The End

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