A New Beginning

Lyle meets a "Catkit" named Blue and goes on a wild journey.

One day...
Lyle was playing Mario on his 3DS. "I'm finally gonna beat that stupid cloud level." Lyle said. All of a sudden, a blue ball came in through the open window. "What the-?" Lyle closed his 3DS. "Bye-bye!" said Mario. "Is this some kid's toy or something?" Lyle said. The ball appeared to have fur on it. It quickly revealed a tail, and a little face. It was a cat-like creature that was shaped like a sphere, and had two little ears. "Hello, I'm Blue." Lyle looked around. "Blue." "Huh? Who said that?" "I'm the cat, you idiot." "But your mouth isn't moving," Lyle said. "I don't understand how I talk either." "So, your name is Blue?" "Yeah. Ooh, is that a 3DS?" "Yup. I have Super Mario 3D Land, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Sonic: Lost World..." Lyle named all of his 3DS games. "Cool." said Blue. "So, what are you?" Lyle asked. "I'm a Catkit. Catkit belong to very few people, so your "Lucky" to have one." "Hey, I love that song!" Lyle said. "Lucky is one of the best songs ever."Blue said in response. " Wow, for a weird, unknown species, Catkit are very humanlike." Lyle said. "We could become great friends." said Blue.

The End

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