Conclusion & The End.

I’m beginning to wonder if I want the killer to love me … 

This isn’t really a reasonable thought. After Seth’s actions are discovered, he’ll surely go to jail. He doesn’t seem like the type of person to live life on the run but then again, he also didn’t seem like the type of person to … kill someone. Much less … Dean. 

I guess it just goes to show that you don’t ever really know anyone. You make think and believe you know who they really are but it’s not true. 

Everything is a lie. 

I just didn’t want Seth to be the one lying to me. And yet, here we stand. Or more like, here I lie in a hospital, hurt, as he sits across from me and his injured sister. I guess in a way he won this war for me, he won it for us. But I probably shouldn’t still believe there is an “us”. 

In fact, there’s no longer as “us”. There’s a him, Seth, and a me, Carlie. And from now on it seems like time to just deal. Deal with the fact that he lied. I lied. Dean lied.  

Dean died … 

But it’s all over now. And I’ve yet to forget it. But I’ve also yet to remember if anyone was actually telling the truth at all.

The End

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