The Killer I Love

In so much shock, I couldn’t even function. I fell to my knees, taking Kim down with me. Seth ignored that with a bite of his lip before taking his sister out of my unsupportive arms. He touched my shoulder and I flinched, gasping out loud. 

“Carlie?” he asked in a whisper. “Carlie, we uh … need to go before the cops come.” He picked me up in a swift motion, supporting the both of his broken loves. Yes, loves. But I wasn’t in the mood for loving back. 

More like shock. And sadness. And anger. Ugh, and love I guess. Seth gripped my hand as if I was about to make a run for it but we both knew I wouldn’t dare. After seeing him … kill … Dean right before my eyes—nothing will be the same ever again. 

He’ll go to jail or live on the run and I’ll be forever haunted by this events. In fact, I’ll be forever haunted by anything that has to do with Dean and now … Seth. I thought about my next to last thoughts about these two guys that were a major part of my life.  

They wouldn’t be ever again. 

“I’m sorry.” he whispered as we headed to where his car was parked. In the back of my mind, I couldn’t remember him even having a car. And in the back of my mind or more so the front was the sound of that gunshot. I shuddered throughout our way to hospital, finally blacking out in the backseat of a killer’s car. 

No longer named Seth, the killer took me and Kim into safety. We were placed in the same room despite the difference in our injuries. And the killer sat in the room with us. I wondered if the gun was still in his pocket. 

I wonder if he’ll confess to killing my boyfriend. Sorry, ex-boyfriend. I wonder if I’ll ever love anyone else again. I wonder if everything will just work out.  

And I wonder … if the killer loves me back.

The End

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