Smoking Gun

Dean looked at Seth for a bit, studying his expression. Seth loaded the gun at that moment and pointed it straight at Dean...who then laughed, "Like you would shoot me. Hah, you're just a wimp. A whiny little-"

"I'll do it! I insist to you I'll do it."

Dean continued laughing, "If you're so tall and mighty then do it. Pull the trigger."

I looked between the both of them, then said, "Seth, don't do it."

"You don't think he doesn't derserve it? He's scum Carlie. Rotten. Look what he did to my sister." I looked to Kim, who was shivering with fear. She seemed so frail now, though the last time I saw her she was perky exurberant. Now those feelings both seem like they were taken away from her for good.

But would we really be any better if we shot Dean? The answer was clear enough, "C'mon Seth, just leave him be."

"No." Seth still was frozen, pointing the gun between Dean's eyes.

"Seth, we really wouldn't be doing anything good by killing him. So c'mon home." I got off the ground and walked over to his little sister, picking her up. I hobbled from Kim's weight towards Seth and took his hand, "Seth please."

He looked away from Dean and looked at the floor, "I don't want him to hurt you anymore. I'm sorry."

Then there was the sound of a gunshot. I jumped and gave off a shriek from the sound, knowing exactly where it went. I covered my face with my hands, fearing what sight I'll see. Then, I slowly peeked between my fingers and was greeted by my worst nightmare.

There was Dean, unmoving and staring gazily, blood everywhere. And then was Seth, standing perfectly still, with a smoking gun in his hand at his side.

The End

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