Past Events

… The shot didn’t go off.

My moment of death and come and gone. I was somewhat fine if that's what sacred for life means.

This is what happened—told to me by Kim … when we were in the hospital together. 

Just before Dean was about to pull the trigger, Kim came running down the stairs and jumped on him. He dropped the gun as she got on his back.

Dean slung her around to the hardwood floor and searched around for his gun. Unable to find it after seconds, he gave up and stood over Kim. 

“Well, well, well, you got free. Might I ask how?” As he leaned down next to her, she punched him as hard as she could in the chest. It was nothing. Just as she was sitting up, Dean punched her in the face. 

She screamed, falling back to the floor. He then took advantage of his height and weight. Dean shoved Kim hard against the door. She banged her head pretty bad but wasn’t “out” like I was. One last fight, she kicked but he grabbed her ankle and twisted it. Another shout of pain. 

“Like that, don’t ya?” Dean taunted as tears clouded her vision. 

“Stop! Stop!” she begged but he didn’t. Not until his gun sounded off at the wall and was then placed on his back. In the hands of Seth. 

“Let her go.” he hissed calmly, daringly. Dean released Kim and backed away to the wall with his hands up as Seth stood his ground. The gun in his hands, he did not look like someone to test.

The End

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