Mere Words can Kill

My heart skipped for a second at the sound of Seth's name, "Seth? Where is he?" He must be close if Dean is so worried about him hearing things. Dean laughed at my question, "You honestly think I'm gonna answer that question for you?"

" a last wish." I looked up at him with big eyes, trying to look as innocent as possible. Dean merely grinned menacingly, "He never showed up, the pansy."

"What?" I was hit with total shock, "But...his sister....and me...we're both here in need of him."

"Precisely. He doesn't care about either of you. Poor wittle Seth was afraid of getting hurt. He just wanted you as an item, to get touchy-feely with some girl in his life. And you were the easiest one, being his best friend." I felt the tears burning behind my eyes, but I didn't dare let any fall....not just yet. Dean continued his rant awhile, "And as for his sister, well you know how siblings can get. Seth got so sick of her that now that her life is at stake he decided not to bother."

Great, I thought to myself as I watched the first tear fall to the floor. The splatter of it seemed to be ten times louder than it should have been. I slowly moved my head to face Dean, "I don't think Seth would ever say things like that."

Dean was polishing something, but I couldn't see what in the lack of light, "Well you better get used to that thought sweetcheeks, for that is the truth. So sorry your sly fox of a 'boyfriend' played you, but he did."

I glared at him straight in the eye, "It's not like you did the same thing to me and his sister."

Dean innocently shrugged, "At least I was open about it."

"What sick things did you do to his sister anyway?"

Dean stared at me for a bit before giving a peverse grin, "You don't need to hear the nitty gritty details now do you?"

"You told me about Seth," I hissed.

"Yes well that was necessary to tell you. I had to let you know the truth."

I let my head hang down then, leaving myself in silence for a bit before saying, "You're right. Thank you Dean." I stared down into my hands for a few seconds, allowing myself to feel the deadweight of my heart, broken. Then I reached to Dean's hand and ran my fingers along the barrel of the gun in his hand. It was cold yet at that time seemed so friendly to me. I pulled it closer until the end was settled on my chest, "Do it Dean." I said strongly, "Pull the trigger." I closed my eyes and began bracing myself for the pain.

The last thing I saw was Dean grinning from ear to ear when....

The End

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