I sauntered down the street to my death. I was in no hurry. In the back of my mind I wondered what he’d do this time. Was Dean so ready to get rid of me that he’d shoot? Or would he drag it out, making it slow and painful?  

Either way, it would be murderous and unmerciful. But that’s just how Dean operated. He was bitter and cruel … and yet … someone I had loved. I sighed loudly; I was getting closer to his house.

Within minutes, I’d be walking into the familiar house, smelling the familiar scents, standing before the familiar Dean. Taking a deep breath, I walked at snail-pace up his steps, hoping and wishing that Seth would pop out of no where and stop me from this. 

But no. Seth was no where in sight and I was doing this on my own. Final moments in life, what are my final thoughts? I loved him too. 

The door opened wide when I was inches away like it was expecting me. I peered into the darkness of his front hall and shuddered (maybe for the last time) before stepping inside. 

“Hello.” He whispered from somewhere in the darkness. Which sucked. It was too dark for the afternoon. It made his house more eerie than it already was. And I couldn’t see him. I couldn’t feel him. All I could do is stand there and wait for him to do the deed. “Haven’t got anything to say?” 

“Where’s Kim?” I asked and he chuckled, finally stepping out where I could see him. He had been right in front of me. How hadn’t I seen him seconds ago? 

His face was closer to mine than I really thought. I could feel his hot breath on me but I didn’t dare flinch away. Suddenly, the lights flicked and he slapped me across the face. The @$s. I fell to the floor. “Do you think I have to tell you where Kim is?” 

I didn’t reply. Any answer would be another excuse for him to hurt me. Slowly and painfully I see then. Slow, painful and dramatic. 

“Well? I want an answer.” 

I held my burning cheek lying on the hard-wood floor at Dean’s feet. “Don’t … don’t do this, Dean.” 

He crotched down on the floor next to me and stared at me thoughtfully. “Whatcha talking about?” 

“Don’t do it like this.” 

“What would you like me to do then, baby?” 

I sat up in slow motion, afraid he might strike. “I’m not your baby.” I growled at him and he grabbed my face, forcing me to look at him. His fingers pinched my cheeks. 

“Oh yes you are. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here right now.” 

“Define here.” I challenged. 

“Here. Alive. In my house. Right now. Got it? Good.” He let go of my face and stood over me again. “Now … how will I do this? I’d like to make it … last. If you know what I mean, sweets. I mean, sure. I could shoot you right now but you know I don’t want to do that.” He crossed his arms over his chest, an evil smile perched on his face. “And besides … Kim would hear the shot.”

The End

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