Burning Like Fire

Seth waited with me in the hospital and it was surprisingly fun. We made up fake names and pretended to be related even though we look nothing like. I don’t think the doctors were fooled but they gave me my stitches and then we were free to go. The only problem is: “Frank and Maryanne Mayer’s parents” are going to be getting a hell of a hospital bill. 

We headed back to Seth’s place afterwards. He told me his parents were out of town for the weekend and with a hardened expression, his sister was staying the night at “a friend’s house”. Clearly, he was just ignoring the situation but that’s not how you’re supposed to do. He’s supposed to get her free before anything worse happens. 

“Seth.” I stated when we were settled on the couch with popcorn and a movie. His hands were stroking me, leaving trails of fire. Up my bandaged hand and arm, tracing random patterns until he reached my shoulder and onto my face. It felt so nice but obviously, he was trying to distract me. 

“Mhmm.” He answered calmly. 

“Why are you letting your sister..." 


“Yeah, Kim. Why are you letting her stay at Dean’s?” 

“Shh.” He murmured, “You’re ruining the movie.” 

“No, Seth. Answer me. Why?” I sat up—I had been laying on him—and stared into his eyes. His fingers still held my face. 

“Damnit Carlie, you honestly think I want to talk about this?” 

“No.” I whispered, “I don’t either. But … we should … we should go and get her. He could do something.” Seth shuddered under me, no wait that was me.

“Carlie, I don’t want to talk about this. Its late, I’m tired. You can go yourself if you want.” 

I glared at him, slapping his shoulder a little. “Seriously. We should do something.”  

The hand stroking my cheek moved to cover my mouth. “I said shh.” We stared into each others' eyes for a while. I was suddenly swimming in his green eyes and then his hand slid down to cup my chin. Before I knew what was happening—though I was expecting it—Seth’s lips were on mine. 

My good hand got tangled up in his gorgeous hair and I pushed myself into him, kissing him back. He shoved himself closer to me though I was still sitting on his lap. His fingers left a burning passion everywhere.

And then we fell off the couch.

Seth landed on top of me and my arms flew up behind me at the fall. I was giggling and breathless all at the same time. Seth closed and opened his eyes a couple of times and then started laughing with me.

“Oops.” He huffed with a smile.

The End

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