As I laid in my bed after the fiasco tonight with Dean and the new information I got from Seth, too many thoughts were swimming through my head. Seth's little innocent sister, dating my Dean? And Seth, caring for my well-being so much? And I could not be feeling the emotion jealously towards Seth's sister. I told Dean that I did not love him anymore, nor will I ever again. And yet I still felt some emotions towards him.

But wait? All the sick things Dean said and did to me....he'll do them to Seth's sister now. She'll become the lifeless shell that I've now become because of him. I unconciously ran my hand across the scar where I said I fell off a dock and landed on a boat motor. Really it was when Dean decided to play a game...with his pocketknife; I lost the game.

I had to warn Seth. I had to, for his sister's sake. I thought of telling Seth everything that Dean had done to me....and I shook my head. It would be suicide to do that. But I had to warn him somehow. But how??


"Just spit it out Carlie. What is it you want to say?" I opened my mouth, but nothing seemed to come out. I took a seat on one of the swings at the part where Seth and I were hanging out "What is it about?"

"Dean," I gasped. Seth's eyes immediately narrowed, "What about him?" He snapped. I stared at Seth hoping it would make me say something, but instead I got up off my swing and wrapped my arms around my chest, "I can't say."

Seth followed me as I had expected and said in a mocking tone, "Why not? Did he say he'd kill you if you said anything?"

I turned and looked at Seth with an expression that said it all, an expression that made him cover his mouth with his hand in shock, "I-I only meant that as a joke, you-you're serious?"

"Do I look serious?"

Seth took a few steps back, "You're serious....and my little sister is dating that.....that....Oh my God." Then Seth began sprinting away, "Seth!" I yelled, "Seth come back! Oh da**." I kicked at the ground and took my swing again, putting my face in my hands, "Dean's gonna kill me."

The End

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