Seconds Away From Hysterics

That breeze I felt brought Seth to me. I could hear him heading up Dean’s front porch but I didn’t want him to be here. Not now. If only I could make a run for it … I think I might. 

Just as he opened his mouth to say something, I ran down the front steps, hoping to get right past him because he’d be in shock. Nope. No shock, just good reflexes. 

“Carlie.” Seth stated, his thoughts capturing most of his attention. I tried to pull free but his fingers wrapped around my forearm. He wasn’t having escape today. Even when Seth wasn’t focused on me, I couldn’t get away. That’s pretty pathetic. Still, I ducked my head down so he couldn’t see my face. 

“Um … hi.” I said slowly, still writhing a little. 

“Stop it.” he snapped, annoyed. “I’m not gonna hurt you.” His comforting words didn’t give me the comfort I needed though and Seth understood that. He switched so that both his hands were holding my forearms and I moved my face yet again. “Hey … hey. Carlie!” 


“What’s wrong with you?” 

“Nothing. Could you … could you please put me down?” We both could hear the edge in my voice, the seconds away from hysterics. 

“You might run. Why were you running anyway?” 

Voice lowered, “Seth. Please. Put me down.” 

“Fine, fine.” He set me down into a sitting position on the steps and then settled, leaning in front of me. I turned my face away again but he grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him. “Oh sh*t.” 

A string of profanities followed that one and I waited, my whole body shaking, until he calmed down. “You okay?” I asked finally. 

“Are you okay?” he snapped back, stroking my red, soon-to-be-bruised cheek. 

“I’m fine. Let’s just go.” We both stood up but Seth looked like he was about to break Dean’s door down. “Don’t.” I cautioned him. 

“I want to.” He snarled sharply. “But I never could. He’s … never mind.” 


“He’s dating my little sister.” Seth said, disgusted, not thinking about what those words would mean to me. “And any move against him will be a move against her.”

“What? Huh? Explain. I thought your little sister was … little?”

“She’s fourteen, he’s sixteen. Anything could happen. He could do anything to her ... if I do something to him. If I just give him a reason ..." Seth’s angry voice trailed off, “Ugh, never mind. Let’s go.”

The End

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