Not Enough

I walked onto Dean’s front porch where he sat on a swing. His home I found to be rather country style, with quite a large front porch.

And that swing held too many memories. He obviously did that on purpose. I know deep in my heart that he wanted to get back with me, “just friends” my ass. And to make it harder for me to say no he came up with the idea of bombarding me with the sweet memories that we had…especially on that swing.

“So you did come Carlie. I was beginning to worry.” His grey eyes flitted along the contours of my body, making me shiver, “Yes I did come. What did you want?”

He sat up on the swing and patted the seat next to him, “Carlie,” He began as he mindlessly was playing with my hair, “I want you back. Friends isn’t enough for me.” I felt him lean in closer to me but I shoved him away and got off the swing, “Well it’s quite enough for me.” I spat.

He got off the swing then slapped me, “Stop thinking about yourself all the time.” Then dean stormed into his house, leaving me alone. And though it was late spring, as a warm breeze blew I shivered.

The End

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