Never Again

“Who ya talkin’ to?” Seth asked me while walking toward where I was sitting.

I put my iPhone out of his reach. “I’m texting my mom.” I lied. Badly.

“Uh huh. Sure.”

I got up away from him, walking to the other side of the storage room. And yes, I’m still annoyed that Dean blabbed to Seth about my secret spot in my parents’ old storage unit but oh well. Sometimes you have to live by forgive and forget. And well, sometimes, some things are just easier to cast off than others.

Suddenly, Seth was looking over my shoulder and I pulled away from him too quickly, falling onto an old and ratty couch. He snatched my phone away.

“No Seth. Wait.” I pushed myself up but he had already seen my string of text messages to Dean.

“Ah come on, Carlie. You know I was only coming in here ‘cuz he wanted to find you.”

His big fingers looked like they were about to rip my phone to pieces in anger. I wanted to desperately pull it out of his hands but I didn't want to risk it. He looked angry. I mean, not as angry as Dean gets but ... angry enough.

“Don’t you dare go see him or else.”Seth said in an ominous voice and I flinched. He glanced at me sideways, contemplating all of the possible reasons for my reaction. Then he understood. “He threatened you, didn’t he?”

I didn’t answer.

“Yeah, that’s it. I’m gonna figure it out, Carlie. No use trying to hide it. One thing’s for sure, he’s never gonna touch you again.”

The End

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