Drops of water pour all over the city.

In the dark he lies in bed eyes wide open looking at an imprint of her image in his mind,

The sound of water dripping is soothing, so was once her voice, he reaches to his inner self  and his thoughts go to the future like a falcon from the sky scanning her presence,sensing her awareness.

He thinks of her and many others and events that transpired.

From its ashes a phenix arises hosting an instinct to mate and a desire to nest, but the valleys are ravaged and the spoils are taken and the mountains high and freezing.

As it hovers, it ponders and as it ponders it wonders how the new becomes old, how the fresh becomes stale,how the excitement dies down , how long is the wait.

How feelings once great tend to wane and abate!

Drops of water still pouring down not able to silence his thoughts nor muffle his desires.

The End

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