The Hollow

The air of the Damp was half as frigid as the the waters that tossed and turned Lye about. The small body of the girl Imp was consumed by fear and the murky. Her four sharp digits kept the luminous silk in grip while a loose hand begged for calm current. But calm would wait in the presence of the Jaws of the Damp, for that was what towed her into the water this night.

The Imps above held breathes in silence, never before did they see the Jaws intervene an Imps coming of age. The twisted trees of the Damp were all that Raeku had to witness this event, but they were on the brink of death -- begging for the quiescent sun. Dead bark meant no where to conjure the living face of Raeku. Only through gnarled roots could he feel the vibrations of Imp discussion and the murky splash. Now he heard silence, and that bothered him. He needed to stop whatever was about to happen. His presence was gone in seconds.

Far away from the Damp is where Raeku was going, to a single Humik tree that stood atop a hill in the Ladera plane. It was the thickest and tallest of its kind. Its branches were equivalent to trunks of other trees and its foliage was so vast even the season of autumn could not turn its leaves at once. It was a marvelous sight. A tree by it’s lonesome, great planes surrounded it for miles. At the center of its trunk was a cleft, a dark passage old as the tree itself. Within was a home, a garrison, a safe place for the the Raeku's beloved Faries - the Hollow.

Through the cleft and into the dim interior of the tree were the Fairies, all various in their color. Some flying between long silk strands that stuck to the walls, while others rested on them from a long day.

“The dark scares me...”

A small Davinkind spoke, the green of her leaves were tinted with a bright yellow. The jet black of her tiny pupil was ringed a quiet shade violet. Her pointed ears twitched as she frowned.

“The trees sleep, the pests awake, that's just how it is.” Explained another Fairy. Violet hair was pulled back in a tail, her leaves were a sweet plum shade complimenting her calm blue eyes. She placed her delicate fingers on the shoulder her yellow friend, moving the dandelion strands of her hair from her face.

“Don’t worry Fayl, I know you wish you could heal them. But the Imps aren't like us, they make the crescents a time to hide.” her hands fell back to the long strands of silk they rested on as she looked way.

“Thanks Gwen, I just wish Salis --” Feyl was cut off at the sight of another Fairy buzzing towards them, annoyance showed in her orange eyes.

“Salis what?”

Fayl stutters as she spoke,

“ no, I was just telling Gwen --”

“She wishes she could have courage you have in this darkness.” Gwen cut in.

Salis was a red and she played the part. Her arms were crossed showing her attitude and dominance. Reds were all this way, and being fire born made them intimidating. Her scarlet tinged leaves and fiery hair stood out amongst the others.

“If you were like me, you could make your own sun.” She snickered as she revealed her palm, a small flame slowly gathered from nothing, lighting up the dim lit Hollow around them.

The End

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