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Harry Styles, a member of th biggest boyband in the world One Direction, has just gotten home from an 8 month tour. Once he gets home, he finds out something. He has a daughter. Will he trade in the microphone and fans for a new life with his daughter or will he just go on as if she doesn't exist?

Harry sat in his car staring up at the house he grew up in, a smile creeping onto his face. He'd been on tour for 8 months and he finally had 2 months off for himself. Unlike the other boys in the band, who went out to party once they came back, he wanted to spend time with his mum and stepdad. Plus Gemma, his older sister. Harry turned the engine off and got out of his car, shutting the door.

Stuffing his hands into his jeans, he made his way up to the door and knocked on itgently. Less than a minute later the door opened to reveal a middle aged woman, looking just like Harry. Green eyes, dark brown hair, not curly like his though.

A smile fell on her lips. "Harry!" She squealed, wrapping her arms around his neck. Harry smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist as she pulled him into the house.

"I missed you so much, mum." Harry said finally, staring down at her. Anne smiled.

"I missed you so much more, hun." She said quietly and hugged him again, tears threatening to come out.

Once she pulled away Harry looked around. Things look the same, he thought and smiled to himself.

Anne watched as Harry looked around, her focus now on the room next to them. A small child peeped her head out and Anne motioned for her to get back in, turning back to Harry with a smile on her face.

Harry turned and watched his mother, raising his eyebrow.

"Something wrong?"Harry asked and Anne immediately shook her head, grabbing Harry's hand and led him into the kitchen.

"I'm fine." Anne went over to the fridge. "Are you hungry? I can get you something to eat.." Anne said as she turned around, noticing the small child now standing in the doorway. She cursed under her breath.

Harry noticed she was staring at something past him and turned around, stunned to see a little girl standing there. She wore a monkey sleeper and was holding a teddybear, which looked like Harry's when he was little. She had long curly brown hair and she had green eyes.. Like Harry's.

Harry stared at her for amoment and then back at Anne. "Who's that?" He said quietly.

Anne sighed, shutting the fridge and leaned against the counter, the little girl coming up to her side now.

"This is Lydia." Anne said quietly as she picked the child up and rested her on her hips.

"Did you have a kid while I was away?" Harry asked confused. "Is she a cousin or something?" Harry didn't understand. She looked exactly like him. Her face even.  Anne let out a small laugh, shaking her head.

"I'm done having kids, Harry." Annie smiled slightly and then sighed again. "But you're not."

Harry stood there in shock. What did she mean by 'but you're not', he thought.

"She can't be mine. I haven't been with anyone since..since before the X-Factor!" Then it clicked.

Harry had been with a girl before the X-Factor. Her name was Olivia. That had been his only serious relationship. They spent every single second with each other, you could've called it love. Then once the X-Factor came around, things got difficult. They tried to work it out, but it didn't work. They eventually went their separate ways and haven't spoke since.

Harry's eyes went to the childs and then back up to his mothers.

"She's yours..And Olivia's." Anne was quiet, putting Lydia down.

"Then where's Olivia? Why's she here?" Harry mumbled, staring at his mum. Anne looked down at Lydia who was sucking on her thumb, then down at the counter.

"She died..acouple months ago. I've known about Lydia the whole time, since she was born. Olivia knew you weren't ready or didn't want to be apart of it, so she asked if I could keep it quiet. So I did." Anne sighed. "Olivia died in a car crash and no one would take Lyd in, and I couldn't let her go to a foster home. I couldn't. So I took her in. I wasn't thinking. I knew once you came back I had to tell you.." Anne looked up at Harry with tears in her eyes, sighing.

Harry looked down at the child who was now next to him and bit his lip. She does look like Liv, he thought. She then made a face and yawned, rubbing her small eyes. Harry let out a small laugh.

"She's definately Liv's.." Harry mumbled and then he bit his lip again. "She's really dead?.." He asked after acouple seconds and Anne nodded. He looked down at the counter and fought back the tears.

He felt a tug on his jeans and he looked down to see Lydia pulling on his pants.

"I tired." She mumbled, yawning again. Harry smiled slightly and then looked up at Anne.

"Does she know I'm her dad?" Anne shook her head.

"She's only 2..she doesn't even know that Olivia's dead." Harry sighed and looked down at Lydia, kneeling down in front of her.

"You're tired?" Harry asked slowly and Lydia nodded, looking at him with a 'Duh' face. Harry chuckled quietly as she held out her arms, and Harry hesitated.

"Pick her up, Harry." Anne said. "She won't bite." She laughed.

Harry nodded and slowly wrapped his arms around her and picked her up, turning to look at his mum again.

"Where does she sleep?" Anne grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and smiled at him.

"Your room." Harry nodded and sighed, making his way to the stairs and up to his room.

Finally getting into his room, he took a look around. Looked exactly the same. Except for all the little kid toys. He sighed as he shuffled over to his bed and put Lydia in it, who was already asleep. He covered her up and smiled slightly.

He turned on his heels to walk out but he heard a small cry com from behind him and he whipped around, seeing Lydia sit up.

"I scared." She mumbled, and Harry nodded. "Lay with me."

He made his way back over to his bed and kicked his shoes off, laying in bed with her. Instantly she snuggled into his chest and fell fast asleep and Harry lay there, staring up at the ceiling.

What was he gonna do? He can't have a child, yet still be in the biggest boy band in the world. It doesn't work that way.

He sighed and shut his eyes, slowling falling asleep afterwards.

The End

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