A cataclysm of sound; the resonating roar of the thunder, the howling winds smashing the windows and rattling the windowframe, a mealstrom of lights and sounds. I was in complete darkness, shivering from the cold, and fear. Mother and father had their backs to door, they had it bolted, trying to keep whatever wanted to get in out.

“Run son, run!” My father screamed frantically, as the door budged under their weight: whatever was outside was slamming itself against the door, trying to get in.

“Do it Lycurgus, No-“ the door suddenly burst open, the sound of splintering wood cracking and splitting running through the house. I watched as what was seemingly a blur swiped at the woman I called my mother, sending her flying across the room and colliding with the wall, crumpling like a rag doll as she slid to the floor. Panic was taking over, my mind disintegrating into a primal, crazed state as I tried to attack the intruder, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t see a thing, the only glimpses I catch are of claws and teeth as the lightning illuminates to room for seconds at a time, a stream of violent, bloody images as I try to defend our home. Finally it finds it’s target: my father, and it pounces on him as he screams in terror, belting out his last warning:

Run for your life.

I spin around and bolt through the door, exploding out into the turbulence of outside. I’m running faster than I’ve ever run before, and my heart is in competition for first place.  My mind is pacing, working, searching for a way out, away from this nightmare. Twisting and turning through an almost labyrinthine maze of trees and hedges, sprinting and sprinting with no escape. The intensity of the storm increases, the rain rouring down in an endless torrent of silver daggers, the wind billows by, fast and ferocious. I jumped over protruding roots, quickly duck under sprawling branches. I can hear them- no it- chasing me, getting closer, forcing it’s way through the forest, pulling apart trees, gradually closing in as I stumble into a dead end. I’m scrabling for an exit like a trapped animal, panicking with fear as I turn around, desperately searching for light when, in the darkness, my assailant’s piercing red eyes glare at me from the shadows. I gather the strength for a final scream, but I’m cut short by sharp, vicious fangs clamping around my throat, brightened by a final lightning strike.

And then the scene changes.

A phantasmagoria of faces and names flow through my mind, furling and shifting like fog, and then suddenly I’m bathed in warmth. I’m standing on the shoreline, watching the sea as it endlessly comes in and pulls out. I listen to the waves, breathing in, the sound syncronized with the vast whispering of the ocean. The grey sky streched out over the horizon, and it was all I could see: the sea and the sky. As I stood there I felt a squeezing pressure in my hand, and when I looked down I saw it was clasped in someone elses. I traced the length of the arm with my eyes and found her face,  set with wide green eyes, framed by long , flowing brown hair that stretched out behind her with the bracing sea wind.

“C’mon Ly!” She called from the opposite side of the beach. I looked back at my hand and she was gone, how could I have not noticed? I ran after her, and after I caught up we ran together, laughing as we sprinted along the shore. I was laughing, this was wonderful! I was happy and free from the weight of my guilt, free to live my life. But now something was wrong. I whipped around; she’s vanished. The sky ominously darkens. A sudden feeling of dread sweeps over me. I swear I can hear thunder in the distance…

I sat up, and leaned my back against the stone wall. I was in a small cave along the same sea shore. I don’t remember seeing this beach before, how could I recreate it so accurately in a dream like that? And it was so real, I could almost hear the laughs of that girl still eerily reverberate around the cave. I looked to my right, and I saw that the cave tunneled further into the cliffs above, the darkness eventually swallowing everything inside. I could hear the small drops of water as they fell from the stalagtites echo through the darkness. I stood up, back aching from the hard nights sleep, and walked over and grabbed my jacket. It was still heavy from the blood from the man that I murdered. And then suddenly it all rushed back to me. Of how I found him walking along the road towards home. How I deceived him and led him away like a lost sheep. And how his family are at home, still waiting for him to return. Not like he had a future anyway, he was just another meal to me. he was a fool, like the rest of them, completely ignorant of the world around them.

The End

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