A story about a strange man called Lycurgus with an insatiable hunger for blood. The man in the story is just one of Lycurgus' many victims, and will more than likely not be his last.

He's completely unaware of everything. His dull human senses are unable to grasp what's going on all around him; how they're tracking him through the trees ahead, breathing in his scent and setting themselves in suitable positions for a good look at their prey.  They're dying for a taste, impatient for the hunt to begin, but I tell them to be patient. The time will come. As we walk along this muddy backwater road in the middle of nowhere, he speaks of the little, inconsequential things of his miserable human existence; his wife, children, and friends: it all dissolves into meaningless chatter. I lost the need for such things long ago. What I am serves me in getting me what I need easily. He continues, incessantly bleating like a lost animal, when we turn left into an empty field, leading him further astray. I can sense their growing impatience, I can feel it, the bloodlust raging through their veins, pulling them towards their target, but I warn them once more: there will be consequences for any indiscretion. We must be silent and unseen. They reluctantly back off, but not before I promise them a part in the feast.

The man continues to chat away, asking: "Are you sure about this? I've never taken this way back to town before.."

"This is a good shortcut I know, don't worry"

"Okay.." he concedes, also reluctantly, but we've gotten this far. There's no going back. As we draw closer to what I know to be the end of this facade, I can begin to sense the familiar feelings of voracious hunger return;  my stomach beings to ache and my heart begins beating faster and faster. I can almost taste the delicious, silky smooth texture of his blood rushing through his veins, his heart beating like a hypnotic metronome, drawing me closer. It drowns out all other sound, making normal conversation hard to keep up.

"Everything all right there? Something seems to be troubling you..?" I hear his unsure voice over the harsh and discordant symphony of blood and organ working together, beneath his brittle and fragile skin.

"Y-yeah, everything's, everything's fine!" I don't think I can keep this up much longer, the beast is clawing it's way free, and I want to release it, but no, not yet. Somewhere more secluded. We leave the field, and cross another road into the dense forest straight ahead. We enter, and I look around at the tall trees, listen to the ominous whispers of the wind between the looming barks and think "This is it, this is the scene of my bloody feast". They know it too,  setting themselves in more adequate positions, getting ready for what they know is the end. We walk among the trees and I notice he's becoming more and more anxious, constantly looking between what's behind him and me, and I realize he's catching on.

"Where are you taking me!?" He shouts. I stop, and I turn around. I smile.

"We're here.." I say, nonchalantly 


"The End" I reply, simply. The beast is relentless, hysterically thrashing and scraping, desperate to be unleashed. The seductive pulse of his heart is all I can hear, swallowing up all the sounds of the forest. My skin is on fire, and my heart is beating like a sledgehammer, like it's trying to break free of my chest. I'm covered in sweat, and I can see the fear in his eyes beginning to form as my breathing becomes more ragged and laboured. As my companions run around the forest, their excitement getting the better of them, they cry out and growl in the unseen areas between the trees.

"What's going on!?" He screams at me, unsure of what to do, panic taking over. I decide that the time is ripe. I give into my animalistic desires for blood and bone, and indulge. I let go. I let loose an almighty roar, and he's frozen to the spot with fear. I literally burst into my true form, and the last thing I remember is his blood drowned screams as I pounce, scaring the birds out of the canopy above to fly away into the grey sky.

The End

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