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You got here in time bro? Nate was panting from the sprint through the trees. You weren’t too late? Nate gently lay down alongside Lexi, trying to share his body heat.

Nah, she’s ok, she fainted. I don’t think she expected to be saved to be honest. What will we do with him? We don’t want him to turn. Will you do it, or shall I?

You do it, he was your kill, I‘ll take care of her.

Brett moved back to where Carl was trying stay alive. Blood was bubbling from the holes in his neck, and in his mouth. If he left him like this, he would slowly die, painfully. It was more than this bastard deserved. But. If by some miracle, he clung to even the smallest spark of life, then he could come back. It is the way of the Lycan breed. If bitten, you become one. He stood over Carl. The fear in his eyes had replaced the murderous rage of a few short minutes ago.

You don’t think I will catch anything off this piece of shit do you? I only had my shots the other week.

Stop being a wuss and finish him Brett, he is starting to irritate me now, with that gurgling noise he is making. What were you trying to do, give him a love bite or something?

Carl tries to move away. But to where? A huge silver grey wolf stands over him. Blood, his blood, covers its muzzle, and its fangs. But the eyes. The eyes are bright piercing blue, intelligent. And merciless. He feels something warm splashing on him, across his lower body. A smell of ammonia fills the air. The last thing he sees, is the wolf slowly leaning towards him. If he could scream he would, but with his throat torn out, all he does is thrash about on the grass, as the wolf chews through his spine, decapitating him.  

Was there any need to piss on him Brett?

HE DESERVED IT! Now, what we gonna do with her? Do we take her back to the cabin?

Better had, she looks like she is completely out of it, if we leave her here, she could be dead from shock and exposure by morning. Give me a hand to get her on my back, will you?

If any one had entered the clearing at this point, then what they saw would have defied all belief. Laying prone on the ground, one huge wolf, black as night, gently moves itself to allow another huge wolf to push an unconscious semi naked woman onto its back. When she is balanced, he stands, and gently carries her off across the clearing. The second wolf stands there for a second. It takes one last look at the corpse of a serial killer, and then, follows his brother into the trees. 

The journey back to the cabin takes longer than usual. Nate stops every so often, making sure the unconscious form on his back isn’t going to fall off.

Dad, can you here me? Its Nate. Brett got him dad, he’s dead. But, there is a problem. We should be back before sun up. Make sure you have spare clothes from mums closet out for us will you?

In her dream, Lexi is on a boat, one of the ones from when she was a child. She lays in it, the rocking motion is soothing, swayed from side to side, the gentle thrum thrum thrum of the engine sounds like its beating heart. In the weird way that dreams work, this boat smells like her old dog. No smell of the sea, just sweaty fur, the smell of dirt….strange images of a huge silver dog with bright blue eyes, winking at her, chase themselves through her dreams.

The cabin comes into view across a small ridge. Surrounded by thick trees, you would never know its there unless you knew where to look. Home Sweet Home. Sat outside, a wolf of massive size keeps a vigil over his two sons as the climb the woodland path. A mixture of pride and annoyance floods him. Pride, that his sons have rid the world of the scum that had been torturing and killing women in their literal back yard. Annoyance, that his eldest is carrying someone on his back. Someone who could bring no end of trouble. The next few hours could spell disaster for the pack-clan.

Good work boys. He deserved to die, but what’s this? You couldn’t leave her there?

Sorry dad, but look at the state of her. She would be dead by morning. When she wakes up it should be daybreak, and we will have changed. we can tell her we found her out there, and brought her here, we will walk her out tomorrow. She wont know about us.

Lexi opens her eyes. For a second, she thinks it had been a nightmare. Then the pain of her wounds, the cuts to her hands, arms, feet, legs, the bruises starting to swell on here face already, tell here it is all so real. She looks around. The room is rustic. Cosy and lived in. Decidedly male, yet with a mothers touch. The clothes she suddenly realises she is wearing, are baggy and smell musty. Images from the night before explode into her head. Carl, the saviour turned rapist. The chase through the woods. A wolf coming to her rescue, and winking at her. Another, sitting down at her side, then nothing.

A young man moves on a chair, and a snore leaks from his lips. Silver grey hair seems out of place on a youthful face. Even from where she is laying, she can tell that he is tall and powerfully built. When she tries to get up, the noise wakes him.

Piercing blue eyes, full of concern, meet hers.

‘My name is Brett, please don’t be alarmed, I mean you no harm. Are you ok? Would you like some water or something?’

For some reason, as she looks into his eyes, she feels like she has looked into them before, but like a half remembered dream, she is unsure. One thing she knows instinctively though, is that this Brett is telling the truth, and that although she doesn’t know him, she can trust him.

‘Where…where am I?’ she asks.

The End

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