Theres a boy. He is my world. He did me wrong but i still love him. People tell me im wrong but im only following my heart.


You say im to young

You say i dont know what im talking about or what it means

Maybe i dont know what it means

Maybe i am to young

But age is only a number

And one thing im certain of is

Ive never   felt this way

Its indescribable

I suffered for this boy

I cried

I waited and hurt

I saw him with her

I was so close to breaking

I remained strong

They say i was his second choice

I wasnt

He loved me too

She left him

He came back to me

Not crying or hurt or broken

But happy accomplished proud

You were his prize

He had no second guesses or thoughts

He doesnt mention her

They told you it ticked her off

All he could talk about is you

You consumed him

He consumed you

We belong together

Not forcefully

Nor hopefully

But lovingly

And happily

Im happy just to linger in his presence

He feels the same for me

You may not see it

But your not me

Your feelings are different

Empathy isnt a factor

No one has ever felt this way like i do know

Maybe i dont know what LOVE is or means

But whatever im in i went into

Head over heels

And willingly

I met him in the middle

He met me too

Were together

I pray its forever

I have this feeling

It doesnt go away

The thought of you

Drives me crazy

My tummy turns

I blush

Forget how to breathe

Your my sunshine

You make me smile

I watched you with her for two weeks

My feeling remains

Ill do anything for you

I love you

Maybe everyone else says i dont know what that means

But if everyones different

So are their emotions

And thoughts

And I am in Love

My Love

My Meaning

My Definition.

The End

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